Honey, I’m Home: An Audio Narrative

This is an audio narrative of the end of a day for my boyfriend, Chance. He is a contractor by trade but he has a film degree and writes screenplays in his spare time. His job is very physically demanding so evenings are a time for him to relax and work on film projects. He is a creature of habit and I have grown accustomed to hearing these noises when he returns home from work. Every day, he comes home and puts a case of beer in the fridge, extracting one for consumption. He walks into his office/man-cave and commences downloading the shows he watches every day, Daily Show, Colbert, @midnight, etc. He cracks open the beer and checks social media while the downloads finish. He watches his shows and consumes a few more beverages before getting into his scripts for transposition. When on hand, he partakes in a recreational activity which is not quite legal nationwide, and continues his typing. Once he comes to a stopping point, he likes to wind down by watching or listening to stand up comedy.

Audio Project

For my audio project I chose to do an audio narrative. These sounds are supposed to simulate a walk through various environments. These sounds should seem familiar and are meant to be relaxing. This is meant to be an immersive experience which brings vivid imagery into mind and transports the listener to a completely different place and time.

Project Four: Audio Composition- Sam Canales


My audio composition lies more on the abstract composition category. My idea for this project was to compile sound that one would hear while they were making something out of wood- a desk, a stool, etc. There are two atmospheres to my audio. The first one is a continuous ticking clock that symbolizes the amount of time that a project like this would take. The second atmosphere is the literal sounds one would hear when constructing the piece. Starting with gathering the proper materials and tools needed for the project and ending with cleaning up the work area after the project is finished. This atmosphere symbolizes the hard work that is needed to put into a project to get great results.

Combined these two atmospheres create the well known fact that if one desires something, it has to be earned through time and hard work.

Project 4 sound

My project is a narrative and about living or being in a nightmare experience. The story is when a person falls asleep at night and then has this awkward and intense nightmare happen.

Meylan Project 4

My project will be an audio narrative.  It is about a couple living in a village which gets attacked by an enemy army and is decimated.  As the man of the house is waking up, the woman begins cleaning and cooking his morning meal.  After he eats he heads to the pasture to begin tilling the soil where he spends the remainder of the day.  It begins to rain and a man on horseback rides up to him and slays him.  He is followed by an army approaching the village.  The army attacks and the village is destroyed while the woman of the house has managed to escape.  However, she is found out and is slayed as the last survivor.

Project 4, Sound

My project mostly falls under B, but it has a hint of a narrative. I wanted to begin with basic, metallic sounds and progress through more complex pieces of technology. My piece almost follows through the history of technology and gets exponentially more complicated as time goes on and comes full circle towards the end. Similar to the growth of technology.

A. May Project 4

The audio composition that I put together would probably fall under category A. It’s a sound narrative because in the small amount of time you get to listen the character walking through a forest and the sounds that he hears. What starts as a normal summer day becomes a filled with rain and the person tries to escape while being in pursuit by wild creatures.

Project 4 Statement

My response to this assignment is an abstract composition composed of sounds  from field recordings. The concepts behind the work concern notions of paranoia, the conundrum of wether or not  perception of this reality is via a wake or dream state, and subject of Śūnyatā.

Project 4

After completing this project I have decided that my project falls more into category B, an abstract audio composition. I set out to do a narrative of my day. I am a very sound driven person and decided to record sounds that are not common but I know, notice, and hear all the time; on a daily basis. At the end of this project, I decided to do so much layering that it comes out more abstract then a narrative. It was really fun exploring what daily tasks I do and deciding which sounds I would tie with them. I have about 10 different sounds and they only make up about half my day. From waking up and flicking my light switch to brushing my hair, to getting in my car…these are some sounds I included. A big issue I felt with was, I used my iPhone to record the sounds and realized that it picks up a lot of static and found it difficult to remove.