Artist Statement-Final Project

My project changed from what I first had in mind. When I started to brainstorm for this project I wanted it to be about the design process when creating a garment and all the stages that go along with it. But as I started to film for the project and really create it, it evolved into something else. My final project is basically my thoughts right now about nearing the end of my college career, applying for jobs, and just my ideals in general. I have footage of me in various places throughout my life. In my bedroom, in the studio sewing, in my car, just about every place I step foot in on a day to day basis. The tone is slightly somber but definitely accurate to my exact feelings in the moment. Graduating is scary yet exciting and the future is so ambiguous. But what I tell myself is that no matter how hard things may be right now, I know they’ll get better.

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