final project: abstract animation

I developed a galaxy that has beams and shapes of lights. The project was very hard to make. It has crashed numerous of times and produced errors. I managed at the end to finish the project but had difficulty with rendering and duration that had been transferred from one program to another. Also, having to transfer my documents from Windows to Mac gave me difficulties as well.

At the end I managed to make the galaxy circulating the camera view as there is gas and particles moving about. The lights of the beams were not so clear.

I was aiming to make an atmosphere resembling the Big Ban Theory but I found out that I had much to learn and there is more adjustments and tweaks needed.


Artist’s Statement for the Last Project – Virginia Billings

My video is a narrative/how-to hybrid about a couple going on their first date and it fails because of an insensitive comment about digital art. The woman loses her temper and proceeds to demonstrate how much work it really is to create a digital piece of art. I’ve animated the first minute or so, and the rest is screen recorded footage of Photoshop. The audio is a voice over narration done my myself.

-Virginia Billings

Project 5 Ali Ojan

My project is going to be about abstract animation. This will be a new experience for me since I have a hard time understanding or  coming up with abstract art. I chose to do abstract animation because I love animation, mostly 3D animation. I feel animation is the next big thing for art and technology combined. I plan to experiment my project by using lines, squares, and other shapes that are formal and recognizable. Also, I would like to make it where the audience is tracking while watching a movement of a pulse or an object but in a cycling motion. I like the thought of making the animation be illusionary and have an idea but that may be difficult to include for how that idea can be done. I noticed the process of dividing and shaping moving images in Maya is not easy. However, that is something I would include if possible. Adding music seems to be a good idea from what I noticed from the links I got from the instructor and what research I found on the web. I plan to use either a beat box or a dub-step music that is not an obvious or a popular track and plan to do some editing by adding sound to it so it imply the movement of the pulse or shape I plan to use in my abstract animation.

I plan to use Autodesk Maya and Photoshop for developing the abstract animation and Adobe audition for the sound and music mixing then using CyberLink PowerDirector for the final editing. However, I plan to do all this on my laptop using Windows. That means I need to consider the consequences of what will work and what won’t. There are methods of converting and protecting the files from being damaged and able to operate on both Mac and Windows. Funny I feel discomfort from using Mac and from using the computers in the computer lab at the art building which made me decided that the main goal of my project is discomfort.

Sydney Cannon Video Project

I have always been intrigued by architecture, landscapes, cityscapes, etc; anything dealing with the urbanization of the earth as it pertains to my childhood and life experiences. Most of my photography has dealt with ideas on nature and culture and urbanization and even destruction of the land. Growing up I always lived in the suburbs outside of Ft. Worth, TX. It was small at first with a lot of wooded surroundings but slowly started to become more and more developed. Deforestation occurred and land development made way for 100s of small suburban neighborhoods and as I got older I craved to get away from the patterns of 2 story houses and move to a city. That is ultimately what all of my work focuses on. I focus on my perspective and experiences with land development and where I grew up all in attempt to better understand the humanization of places and my own desires and struggles with my childhood environment.

I view humans as creatures of order and pattern and that is the way they/we like things to be. Through this video project I would like to create a video diary that further illustrates the places I live and the receptiveness/ banal like way of life and my discomfort with it. I will also attempt to illustrate a breaking point where I was able to escape all of it to an extent.

I plan to return to my hometown and collect footage that will express my feelings of suburban life and my experiences but also collect footage from Denton and Ft. Worth to illustrate my desires growing up. I will collect footage of people and structures and land and sounds from all around the cities.

In addition to footage I will collect with my dslr, I also want to record a dialog to act as some of the sound in the video. I plan to pull passages from my old journals as a child and read them allowed as they pertain to what footage I collect. Not full sentences but just words and little descriptions of the discomfort I always felt living in a small suburban town. How out of place I felt. The sound will be a mixture of this dialog and the natural sound collected when gathering the footage.

The project will ultimately be a reflection of what it was like growing up in a cliche suburb and highlight things that other people may not notice. For example, the receptiveness and dullness of it. Growing up I lived in a town with a population of 40,000 people and felt as if there were only 10 because everyone lived in a house that was the same with the same food and cars and clothes, etc. This will be majorly highlighted and carried throughout the video. Patterns will hold a strong presence but as the video comes to a closure it will become less pattern oriented and more versatile.

I desire that viewers take a sense of discomfort from this video in the beginning but then by the end feel a little bit of relief and freedom almost. Through sounds, moving pictures and a few stills I hope to achieve this.

Project 5 Proposal – Virginia Billings

For my final project, I intend to show/tell a narrative based somewhat on a tumblr post ( It basically is commenting on how people who don’t understand the complexities of digital art seem to disregard it as a ‘lesser’ art form or think that it is somehow easier to make (just a click of a button that says ‘make beautiful art’ or some such), when in actuality so much work goes into making digital pieces.

I intend to make a video that starts out with some puppets or paper people and vary between my own animation, footage of real people and things, and footage of puppets/other artistic representations. The puppet people will start out sitting at a table chatting about random things (subject matter to be determined) and then have one of the characters make a less than tactful comment about digital art. The table will go silent and the camera will zoom in on another character (the digital artist) while hell-fire-brimstone and the like burns in his eyes. (a metaphor for his impending verbal eruption/dressing down).

The zooming continues until the volcanic eruption in his eye is the new scene setting and figures are fleeing the destruction. A bolder from the volcano will land directly in front of the screen and has “Let me e’splain you a thing…” (some Tumblr lingo) written on it. The rock cracks in half and crumbles away to leave viewers looking at a computer screen that has the Photoshop program up and a window that has a clickable button that says “make beautiful art” on it. The mouse will click the button and one of my pieces will pop up with fan-fare. Then a big red NO will be stamped across it and the scene will change back to Photoshop (for real this time). (I intend to have a running commentary in the background – basically a rant about how some people think digital art is so easy to make.) After that, I’ll show Photoshop again and explain and show examples of all the different buttons and how most good digital art has LOTS of layers and work put into it. I might also compare it to traditional media like painting and drawing by hand and point out similarities or something. I’ve inserted a rough storyboard to help explain this post:

Proj_5 ideation_1 Proj_5 ideation_2


-Virginia Billings

Final Project Proposal (Nicole Singh)

Looking at new perspectives and investigating why things are interesting to me are a major driving force in what helps me create. The purpose of my body of work is to apply the fundamentals of visual art using color and texture as a form of communication. When drawing from my own art practices in brainstorming ideas for this video project I found myself questioning and wanting to explore the parameters of a place where I spend several hours a week working on what I love most, art. For the final moving image project I want to create a piece that explores the environment surrounding a small fresh and local produce stand in Melissa Texas. The concept of this piece will focus on communication and the corky realties of a small town community. One might ask, why make a documentary of a produce stand? To an ordinary person this proposal might seem petty, or perhaps slightly ridiculous when you really think about it. To me there is something very intriguing about this very unique place serving this small community. The characters alone are the heart and soul of the produce stand. Dan is the owner of the stand and his manager is my best friend Mona. The shop also has a free roaming mascot by the name of Lola, which she is a small black and white miniature pig. As an outsider when you take a step back to observe, this place is not just a place to buy produce, it offers something far more. So what is it? I find the atmospheres of small local businesses enchanting and want to investigate why they are so interesting to me. This project will reintroduce the various connections within a local business atmosphere. How will I do this, and at the same time make it interesting for the viewer? My goal is to gather footage as an outsider by attaching a small camera to Lola the pig. She is a major part of the on goings inside of the produce stand and will provide an interesting perspective as she interacts with the stands customers and atmosphere. Along with the footage taken from Lola I’ll incorporate other clips of collective conversations and imagery in overlapping layers to create an interesting five-minute visual composition. Over all, I want to create a documentary serving as a type of narrative revealing the character of this produce stand, all while providing an interesting perspective for the viewer to enjoy.

Sam Canales- Mosaic Video Diary Project Proposal

As an artist, it’s important to expose your work and yourself to as many people as possible. It’s important to have your work viewed, admired even, and if you’re interested in pursuing the route of being a commissioned artist, it’s important to get as many jobs as possible. As a young artist that hasn’t really decided which route to take yet, I’ve decided to dabble in as many routes as possible. I have sold a few art pieces, and have shown some pieces at a few venues, but I haven’t been commissioned to create a piece yet… Until last summer.

Last summer, I landed my first commissioned job as a commissioned artist. Off and on for the past year I have been working on creating a mosaic. I has been a very liberating and wonderful experience so far ( It’s not done yet). It allows me to explore my creative self in a medium that I have no prior experience with, as well as having a lot of artistic freedom with the piece. On a personal level, I have come to realize that it’s a very therapeutic process for me, and allows me to relax while working on it and get in touch with my inner thoughts.

I want to express and share this experience through my final project.

For my video project, I plan on videotaping a diary-like documentary of myself working on my mosaic as well as the relationship with my employers, who are also parents of my oldest and dearest friend, Chelsie. In the video, Chelise’s parents, Phil and Kim will explain and possibly converse about how the idea of having a mosaic installed in their backyard was brought up, how they went along with putting the idea into motion- including the decision of hiring me to create the piece, and how they think the progress of the piece has gone so far. I will also talk more in depth about how this experience has affected me in many different ways. I will also explain, as well as show, how I go about working on this piece, and my vision of how it will look when it’s finished.

Also, throughout the video I will include slides of photographs relating to the mosaic and the conversations with Phil and Kim.

My desire for this piece to have it been taken as if it were a video diary; personal, calming and somewhat comical. I’m planning on having this video be as natural as it can be with the conversations and observations. I enjoy sharing with the class an artistic experience that I think we all could relate to.


Project Four: Audio Composition- Sam Canales


My audio composition lies more on the abstract composition category. My idea for this project was to compile sound that one would hear while they were making something out of wood- a desk, a stool, etc. There are two atmospheres to my audio. The first one is a continuous ticking clock that symbolizes the amount of time that a project like this would take. The second atmosphere is the literal sounds one would hear when constructing the piece. Starting with gathering the proper materials and tools needed for the project and ending with cleaning up the work area after the project is finished. This atmosphere symbolizes the hard work that is needed to put into a project to get great results.

Combined these two atmospheres create the well known fact that if one desires something, it has to be earned through time and hard work.

Project 4 sound

My project is a narrative and about living or being in a nightmare experience. The story is when a person falls asleep at night and then has this awkward and intense nightmare happen.

Meylan Project 4

My project will be an audio narrative.  It is about a couple living in a village which gets attacked by an enemy army and is decimated.  As the man of the house is waking up, the woman begins cleaning and cooking his morning meal.  After he eats he heads to the pasture to begin tilling the soil where he spends the remainder of the day.  It begins to rain and a man on horseback rides up to him and slays him.  He is followed by an army approaching the village.  The army attacks and the village is destroyed while the woman of the house has managed to escape.  However, she is found out and is slayed as the last survivor.