final project: abstract animation

I developed a galaxy that has beams and shapes of lights. The project was very hard to make. It has crashed numerous of times and produced errors. I managed at the end to finish the project but had difficulty with rendering and duration that had been transferred from one program to another. Also, having to transfer my documents from Windows to Mac gave me difficulties as well.

At the end I managed to make the galaxy circulating the camera view as there is gas and particles moving about. The lights of the beams were not so clear.

I was aiming to make an atmosphere resembling the Big Ban Theory but I found out that I had much to learn and there is more adjustments and tweaks needed.


Life of Lola- Artist Statement

This Video is a documentary of daily events and connections inside a produce stand from the perspective of a pot belly pig, Lola. The footage I collected was accomplished by attaching a go pro camera to a harness worn by Lola. By having the camera attached to her back I was able to document an interesting collection of audio and camera views. The layout of the video is a calibration of various clips throughout the span of a few days. Lola was able to roam freely in her normal environment and her wearing harness with the camera did not hinder her normal activities. Overall, the final video was pretty close to what I had stated in my previous proposal. I found that this form of documentation is quite interesting, and I plan on continuing this documentation of Lola at her produce stand with postings on YouTube.

We Thought We Were Cool, Artist Statement

This film is a representation of a video intended for a friend for her birthday. It is more a compilation of memories into a storyline rather than an intensional message to this friend. Maria was a German foreign exchange student who I befriended in high school and managed to keep in touch with her after she returned home. So many of us missed her the year after she left, so we decided to send her a video for her birthday. The two fellows in this film are still friends of mine, although only one of them still lives nearby. We obviously thought we were pretty cool, doing illegal things and just being ridiculous teenagers. The friend who still lives nearby, Joseph, and I got together recently and when I mentioned this project, he seemed excited, although he had trouble recalling the events of the day we shot this footage. We had a long conversation remembering that time in our lives until he finally started to grasp the memory. I arranged and edited the footage in a way that conveys the way memory serves to only remember the best and worst parts of a given event.

Artist Statement-Final Project

My project changed from what I first had in mind. When I started to brainstorm for this project I wanted it to be about the design process when creating a garment and all the stages that go along with it. But as I started to film for the project and really create it, it evolved into something else. My final project is basically my thoughts right now about nearing the end of my college career, applying for jobs, and just my ideals in general. I have footage of me in various places throughout my life. In my bedroom, in the studio sewing, in my car, just about every place I step foot in on a day to day basis. The tone is slightly somber but definitely accurate to my exact feelings in the moment. Graduating is scary yet exciting and the future is so ambiguous. But what I tell myself is that no matter how hard things may be right now, I know they’ll get better.


My project was a documentary that basically pays homage to my experience in the fashion program. I captured different footage of the fashion building and even some of my classmates and I working in the studios. Over these past four years my life has consisted of constant projects. My first year as a UNT student my friend used to call me “Project Chick” because I would literally stay in my room and tackle all of my work before I ever went and hung out with them. I was chosen to be one of less than 40 people out of the whole university to be a part of this program and from then on its been a whirlwind. Ive commuted a year from fort worth, Ive dealt with roommates from hell, juggling a job and school, but nonetheless my main focus has always been this program. So now that its over I can sit back and watch this video and remember how far Ive come and all of my experiences here as a fashion design student.


Waters Video/Audio Statement

For the moving image and audio project I wanted to approach it as somewhat of a literal interpretation of a “home video”. Rather than focus on specific individuals in a situation, I wanted to focus more on the space itself while also implying the interactions of people within the space. This is why conversation is replaced by the rain and seeing the face of a person is not a priority. A home is cultivated between individuals of varying types of relationships, be it roommates, friends, or spouses. Some individuals who participate in the active building of the dynamic don’t necessarily have to live in the home; they just tend to just be there on a regular basis. The home itself mirrors this dynamic between individuals.

Artist Statement | “The Given Present”

The concept of “The Given Present” regards the aura of self in the abstract. The work is inspired by Taoist concepts of utilizing the representational image as a vessel “for facing the deceased…as a quasi-living person “embodied” in an image…this search for presence in reality”(Seckel, 1993). Influence for this work is also established in notions of bereavement, documented through post-mortem daguerreotypes and metaphors of necromancy.
I’m interested in questioning universally accepted notions of the ideal wake state and “being present”. My aim is to communicate with beings that have separated themselves physically from my life, but continue (to the abjection of all participatory superegos) manifest to me metaphysically. With this work I will “caricaturize” the ideal of companionship.
After completing the work discussed, I will continue to evoke the metaphorically deceased from various lifetimes through this process. Eventually a series of codified cadavers will occupy an ephemeral space through this sentiment of grievance and adoration.

Proposal for Final Project

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the impermanence of a moment, each second is fleeting and irreversible. But what if it could be changed? I always think back and wonder, what if I could change that moment? What if I could go back in time and completely change or manipulate the outcome of something? Moments that before would slip by unnoticed I want to become entrancing and special. I want the viewer to be caught up in the moment and completely immersed in it, almost a hypnotic experience.

I plan on creating a variety of scenes, some of them destructive, showing a cause and effect on the environment around them. I want to play some video in real time, some clips which are sped up, some slowed down to see each minute detail, some clips played in reverse. I want to really play with the video and experiment with the different tools in Final Cut Pro X.

I want the scenes and clips to be familiar or normal, but once the time or speed is morphed or reversed each moment will hold new meaning. Since this project is not allowed to have music, I am planning on finding a quote or some text, which I can read and record over the video. The ambient audio will mostly be unusable since I will be changing the speed of many of the clips that will cause distortion to the audio. In some part I do plan on keeping the ambient audio, I just have to do more experimentation.

I think that I am interested in doing this project is because I am nostalgic towards the past, family and friends that I have lost, as I have grown up and left my childhood behind. I want to capture this moment. I want to stretch it and make it last forever. As summer draws closer, I think of all those savory moments of summer from my childhood. Playing in the sprinkler with my sister, lazy mornings, riding bicycles and playing tag in the yard. However, I also think of the things I’m missing: Things, people, moments that I can never have again because those things are gone forever. I want to juxtapose these cherished feelings of nostalgia with videos of destruction. But like I said before, these moments can be reversed, slowed down and analyzed, something that I can never achieve in reality, but through this video I can control the moment. Something before which was irreparable I can turn back the clock and create a whole new scenario. I can control what I want to be seen, I can control the outcome, and if desired I can reverse the moment completely, erasing all consequence and repercussions.

Brandon Stringer

I don’t have an exact idea of the video I plan on doing. I’m leaning more towards how about I go my life, almost like a daily ritual. Possibly have a high-speed drawing or tattoo session. I’m still very open and exploring ideas to film over the weekend.